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Hensteeth Scottish Jewellery - Based in Queanbeyanrare as Hens' teeth! - Antique kilt pins, victorian sterling silverwww.hensteethoz.com/index.html

www.schoolofpiping.com/Brett Tidswell - supplier of Bagpipes,accessories and lessons

Barry Gray - New Millenium CD Tutor 2009Have a look atwww.pipersofdistinction.comwww.sydneyschoolofpipinganddrumming.com.au

www.saultuner.com Highly recommended method to tune pipes and chanters - use attached by sensors to the stocks or as a hand held tuner with in-built microphone or external microphone - I wouldnt be without one now - saves time +++ and more enjoyable practice time

www.hbptuner.com/ Highland Bagpipe Tuner - compact - new Tuning tape

Moose Products - a growing range of bags, drone tubing which is easy to install, drone valves, blowstick valves and tuneable chanter - www.moosebagpipeproducts.com/


an Australian Supplier with friendly prompt service

www.iona-bagpipes.com/SCOTTISH SMALLPIPES BASIC SET made by Bill Hart - ask Stephen for a try - he bought a set with chanter in A and D


Queensland - stocks Technopipies and Belt Pouches


Central Coast NSW - see them at the NSW Games


Australian Reed Manufacturer - check out their page on Reed Care too


whats on in Pipe World Highlands NSW


Orders quickly mailed to Canberra and anywhere - dancers check out their shoes

Page updated 29/8/2008

Latest News

The Band is using an App as link for routine communications rather than this website - go to your APP store - search for TeamApp and install - then search for CCPBand - apply to join - select which teams you want to join - can also access TEAMAPP via website; there is closed Band Facebook page where also posted activities and more general information - ask for invite

What is on soon......
Band Practice restart this week 13th February 2019: Wednesday nights from 5.00pm for learners / dancers; Band 6.30 pm;Church of Christ, Weston - practices match ACT school term dates if website not updated

National Multicultural Festival Sun 17th February Stage 2 - 19.50 AM
Band and ALL Dancers at Time: 12 noon Location: Stage 2, (Bunda - David Jones) - Pipers tune behind stage @ 10.20am

ANZAC Day - April 25 – Tuesday - Yass - 10:30 Parade .
Long Sleeve Shirts- tune up 09:45am

Brigadoon - Saturday 6th April 2019 - March 9:00am
42nd Anniversary - The Street March will start in Erith Street, assembling at Peterson’s Garage (approximately 300m up from the Bundanoon Hotel) at 9.00am. We are ?th so need to be ready & forming up by 8:40am tuned - Pipers aim 8.15am ; Oval performance ? pm ; Massed bands full rehearsal at 3.00pm will assemble on the western side of the oval by 3.40pm formed Maybe Committee Meeting 12 noon prior to warmup

The New Kilted Van is rolling

Our Band Facebook Page
There is also a unlisted private Band Facebook page - please ask for invite to access

The Piobaireachd Society
Become a member to access downloads

Try Our Haggis Recipe
Exact proportions up to the cook - if in doubt add more Drambuie to recipe or your glass

Band practice is 98.7dB; recommended to reduce exposure to below 85dB - wear your hearing protectors!

The College of Piping
Monthly Radio show Podcast

Irish anthem played by the Army Band of Amhrán na bhFiann

Drummers Rudiments
Please use Youtube link https://youtu.be/e6JtBbgYMwY or access from Bands Facebook page or dropbox - the exercises are in pdf link - please ask if unable to access

Contact Us: +61 (0)2 6285 1767 | email-/- pipemajor@canberraceltic.org

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