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www.schoolofpiping.com/Brett Tidswell - supplier of Bagpipes,accessories and lessons

Barry Gray - New Millenium CD Tutor 2009Have a look atwww.pipersofdistinction.comwww.sydneyschoolofpipinganddrumming.com.au

www.saultuner.com Highly recommended method to tune pipes and chanters - use attached by sensors to the stocks or as a hand held tuner with in-built microphone or external microphone - I wouldnt be without one now - saves time +++ and more enjoyable practice time

www.hbptuner.com/ Highland Bagpipe Tuner - compact - new Tuning tape

Moose Products - a growing range of bags, drone tubing which is easy to install, drone valves, blowstick valves and tuneable chanter - www.moosebagpipeproducts.com/


an Australian Supplier with friendly prompt service

www.iona-bagpipes.com/SCOTTISH SMALLPIPES BASIC SET made by Bill Hart - ask Stephen for a try - he bought a set with chanter in A and D


Queensland - stocks Technopipies and Belt Pouches


Central Coast NSW - see them at the NSW Games


Australian Reed Manufacturer - check out their page on Reed Care too


whats on in Pipe World Highlands NSW


Orders quickly mailed to Canberra and anywhere - dancers check out their shoes

Page updated 29/8/2008

Latest News

The Band is using an App as link for routine communications rather than this website - go to your APP store - search for TeamApp and install - then search for CCPBand - apply to join - select which teams you want to join - can also access TEAMAPP via website; there is closed Band Facebook page where also posted activities and more general information - ask for invite

What is on soon......
Band Practice restart this week 6th march 2019: Wednesday nights from 5.00pm for learners / dancers; Band 6.30 pm;Church of Christ, Weston - practices match ACT school term dates if website not updated

Brigadoon - Saturday 6th April 2019 - March 9:00am
42nd Anniversary - The Street March will start in Erith Street, assembling at Peterson’s Garage (approximately 300m up from the Bundanoon Hotel) at 9.00am. We are ?th so need to be ready & forming up by 8:40am tuned - Pipers aim 8.15am ; Oval performance 11am ; Massed bands full rehearsal at 3.00pm will assemble on the western side of the oval by 3.40pm formed Maybe Committee Meeting 1 pm

ANZAC Day - April 25 – Tuesday - Yass - 10:30 Parade .
Long Sleeve Shirts- tune up 09:45am

Blessing of the Fleet – Ulladulla Easter Sunday: April 21
Street Parade starts at 11.30 am from the same spot in Crescent St - so if can all be there 11.00 am or before would be good.The Tattoo then at 2.00 pm on the Bitumen Flat as before.

Berry Celtic Festival 25th May - map ground here
The parade assembles in the street at the end of the 3-cornered park, with the rotunda, Queen St Berry. The parade is due to start at 9.30am, so if you were there at 8.45 – 9.00am for tuning

Boorowa Irish Woolfest Sunday September ?th 2019
SHORT sleeve shirts; Pipers 10.00am for tuning for 10:50am street performance then Lead parade at 12:00 + dancers; Stage performance - 1:40pm - short sleeves- ties

The New Kilted Van is rolling

Our Band Facebook Page
There is also a unlisted private Band Facebook page - please ask for invite to access

The Piobaireachd Society
Become a member to access downloads

Try Our Haggis Recipe
Exact proportions up to the cook - if in doubt add more Drambuie to recipe or your glass

Band practice is 98.7dB; recommended to reduce exposure to below 85dB - wear your hearing protectors!

Irish anthem played by the Army Band of Amhrán na bhFiann

Drummers Rudiments
Please use Youtube link https://youtu.be/e6JtBbgYMwY or access from Bands Facebook page or dropbox - the exercises are in pdf link - please ask if unable to access

Contact Us: +61 (0)2 6285 1767 | email-/- pipemajor@canberraceltic.org

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