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UK Suppliers

McCallum Bagpipes - CCPB currently uses chanters from www.mccallumbagpipes.com/

Murray Henderson - reeds and Strathmore Bagpipeswww.hendersonreedmakers.com/

The National Piping Centre www.thepipingcentre.co.uk/
Recommend subscrition to Piping Today magazine - has courses and now on-line tuition. In Glasgow.

Produces Piping Times - Glasgow

www.pipedreamsreeds.com/Makers of Pipe chanter reeds and Eze-drones

EDINBURGH Hector Russell, 95 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2ER. www.hector-russell.com
While visiting the Castle just drop in - see the Rangers / Celtic outfits

Inverness - visit Duncan Chisholm www.kilts.co.uk

Fife shepherd-bagpipes.com


MacMurchie Bagpipe Makers www.macmurchiebagpipes.co.uk

Inveran Bagpipe Makerswww.inveran.com

D. MacPherson Bagpipeswww.macphersonbagpipes.co.uk


Go here under FAQ's for step by step instructions on 'How to tie Ghillie Brogues' in a handy video clip



Hardies Bagpipes Glasgow www.rghardie.co.uk/




has a list of UK Suppiers used by the band

Latest News

contact us
email to Alex canberraceltic@gmail.com

The Band is using an App as link for routine communications rather than this website - go to your APP store - search for stack team app and install - then search for CCPBand - apply to join - select which teams you want to join - can also access TEAMAPP via website; there is a closed Band Facebook page where also posted activities and more general information - ask for invite

What is on soon......
Band Practice is usually Wednesday nights from 5.30pm for learners / dancers; Band 6.30 pm;Church of Christ, Weston - practices match ACT school term dates - website not updated PLEASE CONTACT TO CONFIRM if you would like to observe or have an interest in learning

Our Band Facebook Page
There is also a unlisted private Band Facebook page - please ask for invite to access

The Piobaireachd Society
Become a member to access downloads

Try Our Haggis Recipe
Exact proportions up to the cook - if in doubt add more Drambuie to recipe or your glass

Band practice is 98.7dB; recommended to reduce exposure to below 85dB - wear your hearing protectors!

Irish anthem played by the Army Band of Amhrán na bhFiann

Drummers Rudiments
Please use Youtube link https://youtu.be/e6JtBbgYMwY or access from Bands Facebook page or dropbox - the exercises are in pdf link - please ask if unable to access

Contact Us: email canberraceltic@gmail.com

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